Schultz and Larsen Australia SHOT Launch

Schultz Larsen Australia

Presenting: Schultz and Larsen Australia

To everyone that came to SHOT in Melbourne, thank you for the response to the Schultz and Larsen Australia lineup. Imported by Gone Hunting, stocked by Precision Defence Industries (PDI) and soon to be sold at all decent gunshops, or direct from us here at PDI, we are really excited about this product and are grateful that everyone seems to agree. We semi announced the lineup with our update on the new precision hunter stock, now with the SHOT show over we thought a more public announcement was well overdue. Four Precision CNC machined switch barrel three lug actions are available from Shultz and Larsen Australia with steel and lightweight alloy options both being available, with complete interchangeability between three of the actions when it comes to barrel selections. The majority of actions are also available in Left hand.

Each action requires two bolts to be undone under the receiver and the barrel simply slides out, plus with the locking lugs in the barrel, head spacing is performed within the barrel by closing the bolt on the replacement barrel prior to tightening the barrel bolts, resulting in incredible return to zero if torque applied is consistent. It is an elegant system that provides the ultimate versatility with choices that are priced incredibly competitively.

The smoothness of the bolt is something to behold, with it causing significant shock on the faces of all who cycled it, “that’s the smoothest action I’ve ever used” being a compliment we heard regularly. We encourage everyone to take us up on the challenge of finding a smoother bolt action rifle, equal yes, smoother we seriously doubt.

The walnut stocks are pure European class, elegantly styled with a complete selection of grades available, including exhibition grade. Hand finished and beautifully made, all timber stocks from Schultz and Larsen Australia come with steel pillars bedded into the stock as standard.

The true strength of the Schultz and Larsen Australia rifles are the cut rifled, tin lapped barrels which provide exceptional precision and accuracy. Available in a variety of lengths and diameters, the majority are also pre-tapped and capped for the use of a muzzle break. The accuracy of these barrels is what Schultz and Larsen’s name and reputation comes from, its just now with the new actions they have been dragged from their reputation of being the classic rifles of old, into modern feats of engineering that are sure to impress.

Finally, the carbon fibre stocks, all Bolly Stocks are available for any of the Schultz and Larsen rifles and the Featherweight and Ultralight Precision Hunter (UPH) are available ‘direct from the factory’ so to speak with the Hunter and Tactical actions. Both stocks have been re-engineered to be true drop in fits for the Schultz and Larsen actions with the UPH being available with the Tactical action and includes a Carbon fibre bedding block for the ultimate in long range precision, straight out of the box. The featherweights have the standard steel pillars installed and include the option for changing the barrel without removing the action from the stock.

Schultz and Larsen Australia launch brochure

To view the brochure available at the Melbourne SHOT please use the following links: Phase1ModelsPhase1Calibres