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Introducing the Schultz and Larsen Legacy, an elegant and smooth mini action for 222, 223, 6×45 and 300 black out. A perfect rifle for new Shooters that want a quality modular system that can grow with them rather than forcing a completely new Rifle purchase.

Available in beautiful Timber or Bolly Carbon Fibre stocks, Precision Defence Industries have been shocked at the level of performance from these little rifles.

.222 is a wonderful cartridge with legendary status in Benchrest circles while the .223 is possible the cheapest to run centrefire on the Australian Market. Once experience grows and a shooter begins handloading it is a one step process to convert the .223 brass into 6×45 and then with a quick barrel change the user has a wonderfully accurate 6mm that is perfect for the majority of small to medium game along with exceptional performance in competitions like PRS Australia.

Finally the darling of the subsonic world the 300 Blackout is but a simple barrel change away with Schultz and Larsen Legacy.

Schultz and Larsen Legacy Carbon Precision

Schultz and Larsen Legacy Carbon Precision From Precision Defence Industries, the Schultz and Larsen Legacy Carbon Precision is a mini action that makes for the perfect precision mini action Centrefire Rifle. For ordering or more details please contact us or call Bourney 0438893966 Available in 222, 223 (1:12, 1:10 or 1:8 are available), 6-223 […]