The 7mm SAW Chronicles

7mm SAW

Chapter II: Captain Feathersword Here at PDI our love affair with Clayton Smith’s (#WestTexasOrdnance) extremely versatile 7mm SAW cartridge has already been documented in the tale of Trollhammer. After Trollhammer’s success, we decided that the SAW might be just the ticket for a mid-range (out to 600m) ultralight rifle, so set out to build twin […]

284 Shehane Mountain Rifle

284 Shehane Mountain Rifle

My 284 Shehane is my favourite rifle, built as a mountain rifle for hunting further and deeper into the Alpine in the search of elusive Sambar deer, it has achieved its performance goals and then some. I’ve chronicled its development on social media, as well as in prior posts focusing on my decision making process. […]

MTN Gear Mountain Bipod review

MTN Gear mountain bipod

Regardless of numbers on websites the truth is that the first impressions when you pull a MTN Gear bipod out is that it is ridiculously light and really compact. It is totally unobtrusive on the rifle and equally at home in the top pocket of your pack if you’re hunting in and out of the bushline. Ours weighed in at 144g on the PDI scales. A big tick is the simple and effective picatinny rail mount – our absolute preference for a bipod, fast, low profile and secure.

Needs Another Year

Needs another year

Needs Another Year – 2023 New Zealand hunt A stag called Jeremiah In 2020 on a backpack hunt for Chamois in New Zealand’s South Island, a red stag in velvet was glassed up and for the remainder of the hunt, discussion revolved around how the stag we had nicknamed Jeremiah, just needs another year. Considering […]

September 2019 Sambar Hunt Recap

Sambar Hunt

Due to a resurgence in queries regarding our Mountain Rifle Builds we thought it would be prudent to recap our September 2019 Sambar Hunt which we chronicled in our Instagram (@precision_defence_industries ) and Facebook ( ) accounts and is compiled into a single post below. It was a 5 day backpack hunt in […]