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The all new Delta Stryker 3.5-21×44, the scope we have been desperately waiting for sometime now. Is almost here.

The Delta Stryker 3.5-21×44 is the perfect accompaniment to your hunting rifle, varmint/farm rifle and for clip-on thermal use, this is the ideal scope to be paired with your UPH gen3 stocked rifle.

The lighter weight of the Delta Stryker 3.5-21×44 is ideal for carbon based hunting rifles and for those that aren’t able to budget for the phenomenal Tangent Theta 315 LRH or 315M (despite its age, it is still the perfect mountain scope in our view). The massive field of view at 3.5x is perfect for the walk in and stalking through bush, the 8-16x range is perfect for those longer shots and with 21x available for those training sessions and zeroing the rifle, the scope will give first shot confidence when in the field. Lower profile exposed tactical turret gives the same legendary tracking as the rest of the Stryker range and with the 44mm objective and 325mm length, the Delta Stryker 3.5-21×44 is superbly compact. It is ideal for balancing with a ‘stubbie’ hunting rifle for thick bush hunting or on your mountain rifle its small size is perfect for staying out the way when the rifle is strapped to your pack.

The same features that make the Delta Stryker 3.5-21×44 the scope of choice for hunters are also exactly what has been desperately needed for those looking to run a Thermal Clip-on for pest control. Thermal Clip-on (coming soon to PDI) is the solution for those looking to have the one device for observation while enabling your rifle to maintain its accuracy with mechanical adjustments. Range limiting digital scopes simply don’t perform to an acceptable standard when coupled with a precision rifle, Thermal Clip-ons are the correct thermal choice for those who aren’t happy until their rifle is shooting sub 0.6MOA groups. The downside of Clip-on devices is that they have specific needs in a day optic to be attached to when the goal is pest control, enter the new Delta Stryker 3.5-21×44, its light weight and short length means your optical system is actually comfortable to carry through the night or move around in a vehicle. Its low base magnification also maximises your field of view which is critical when everything is a 2D digital image, the mechanical adjustments also give the ability to ‘dial in’ the thermal repeatedly and with the new Jagen Prezise modular adaptors, the clipon also returns to the same POI every single time. Simply use the Clip-On as a monocular, find your quarry, engage the Thermal to your optic and then dispatch the quarry, all in the same amount of time it would take to put down a dedicated monocular and get behind a dedicated thermal scoped rifle. Seriously, if you are looking at or already have Thermal in your line up, we strongly recommend coupling a Delta Stryker 3.5-21×44 and a quality Clip-On, mechanical adjustments and reducing capital outlay to a single thermal system is a winning combination.

Finally, for those looking to scope a lightweight farm rifle with a scope that performs to modern standards, here it is, the Delta Stryker 3.5-21×44. It will take the abuse you throw at it and its small size is perfect for living in a vehicle from a side by side to the header for when ‘those’ moments occur when out working. Plus the same scope should help you consider thermal as explained above as well as perform exceedingly well on those training days when smacking steel in the back paddock and equally when laying down control on varmints.

It is finally here, the Delta Stryker 3.5-21×44 is an excellent accompaniment to the majority of our UPH Gen3 Stock customers rifles and we are taking pre-orders soon.

3.5-21×44 Delta Stryker Specifications:

Magnification: 3.5-21x.

ObjectiveLens Diameter: 44mm.

Tube size: 34mm.

Field of view:

Exit pupil: .

Eye relief:


Number of Mil / clicks: 0.1 mil.

Maximum height adjustment:

Maximum wind shift:


Length: 325mm

Weight: 790 grams

Warranty: 10 years.

Additional information

Weight 800 g
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 400 mm


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