Bolly UPH with Schultz & Larsen Tactical

As our followers on Facebook would be aware we have been working with the newly appointed Australian importer of Schultz & Larsen to redesign the Bolly Ultralight Precision Hunter (UPH) to accommodate the new Schultz & Larsen Tactical switch barrel rifle system. We recently finalised the stock and thought we were due to release some more details now we have the Bolly UPH with the Schultz & Larsen Tactical together. More details to follow but here are the first teasers and some background on the new rifle in the Australian made Carbon Fibre stock designed specifically for precision hunting and as a light tactical option for a more portable system.

Schultz & Larsen Tactical UPH stock development

First we machined a blank out of a timber laminate, incorporating a Sako AII varmint style forend but with a more vertical american style grip, that was also lengthened to accommodate larger hands and for glove wearers we minimised the palm swell. We wanted to use a readily available precision fit Limbsaver recoil pad with proven comfort for hunting so we selected the Sako/Tikka T3 Limbsaver Airtech 10803 which is interchangeable with the Classic Limbsaver 10011.

We machined a barrel channel perfect for the Schultz & Larsen Tactical 27mm barrel options, with a little extra room for those wishing to run truck axles as barrels. To complete the design we added a thumb hook behind the grip for more comfortable shooting with a rear bag ( PRS is now in Australia so though we better make the stock suitable for positional shooting).

We baked the stock to force out any internal stresses to ensure the design would remain true when being molded and we trued the action blanked surfaces for easy gunsmithing and the ability to inlet for other actions including, Tikka T3/T3x, Rem700 and Clones, CZ rimfires, Howa/Vanguard actions and more.

It took months to get it right, but once the plug was ready we had our first production mold out the oven two weeks later and we produced the first Bolly UPH;

The first Bolly Ultralight Precision Hunter fresh from the mold (Top) vs a Painted Carbon Bolly TOUCH rifle stock (Bottom)

Inletting the Bolly UPH for the Schultz & Larsen Tactical

We use CNC machines to inlet our stocks and while we are working on a semi molded in inlet for the Schultz & Larsen Tactical the initial prototype run are produced as blanks.   The inletting process starts with a CAD model and is then shifted into CAM software for programming, we simulate the process and even 3D print the inlet to test everything will go smoothly before driving a cutter at 3000rpm into a $1000 stock.

With the Schultz & Larsen Tactical our first sneak peak on what we were working on was a simulation of the inlet, to our surprise a number of people on Facebook correctly guessed the inlet! As we were yet to receive the Schultz & Larsen Tactical pillar and recoil system we improvised with a Tikka recoil lug as can be seen in the simulation;

The moment of truth then soon arrived and cutter met carbon;

Bringing metal and composite together

Once machined we installed a Limbsaver Airtech and a BT17 forend rail… but alas, we had the Tactical out in the field being tested so another Schultz & Larsen action was quickly installed to check fit and function;

Bolly UPH with Schultz & Larsen Tactical rifle action
Bolly UPH with Schultz & Larsen rifle action

With the first stock complete we released the teasers on Facebook, which if you haven’t please like our page, Precision Defence Industries Facebook, as its where we put the teasers out as they happen before putting it all together in a post like this one.

Once the Tactical was free, we got it all together and did what we always do… go out and test it! (and took some photo’s)



Schultz & Larsen Tactical night and Day


Schultz & Larsen Tactical in Australia

More soon 😉