Schultz and Larsen Legacy Carbon Precision

Schultz and Larsen Legacy Carbon Precision

From Precision Defence Industries, the Schultz and Larsen Legacy Carbon Precision is a mini action that makes for the perfect precision mini action Centrefire Rifle.

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Available in 222, 223 (1:12, 1:10 or 1:8 are available), 6-223 (6×45) and 300 Blackout. All barrels are interchangeable and owner switchable in minutes providing for the ultimate in versatility.

With varmint and sporter barrels available, threaded from the factory with m14x1 threads on varmint barrels and UNF-20 on the Sporters.

Bolly UPH carbon fibre stock for precision varminting, PRS style competition, pest control and entry into Long Range shooting.

Switch barrel Steel action comes with a 4 round magazine

Silky Smooth 3 lug action

Picatinny rails are available

Classic Limbsaver as standard

If purchased from PDI we include Flush cups and a BT15 Rail as standard

Scope in image is clearly not included

Supremely accurate cut rifled, lapped barrels are tin lined removing the requirement for cleaning with solvents

User Manual



Legendary accuracy with the versatile 1:10 twist, the 222 was the darling of the benchrest world and is a cartridge incredibly easy to shoot tight groups with. With its light charge and supreme accuracy it is a wonderful chambering that is still in regular use in Australia


Being the most popular cartridge in Australia says it all really. The perfect beginners rifle that is also a extreme performer in experienced hands. With cheap quality factory ammunition readily available and also being the parent case the the sublime 6-223 a 223 barrel is the most popular choice.

223 twist rates:

1:12 is perfect for light bullets, 40-55 grains and is supremely popular for vermin control and pest specie management

1:10 is a jack of all trades twist that sacrifices BC optimisation for greater versatility and is suitable for  40 – 70 grain bullets in the main

1:8 the twist of choice for those looking to stretch the 223 at longer distances, it is also an ideal twist for readily available Australian Outback 69grain match ammunition that is one of the best value for money factory match ammunition available.

6-223 (6×45)

Popular with precision shooters and medium game hunters the 6-223 can be formed with a single pass from 223 brass, necking it up to a 6mm neck with a 6-223 die. This is a superbly accurate cartridge that is perfect for common Australian game and is incredibly cheap to run. It is also a capable round for PRS style competitions and with a 223 1:8 barrel for practice and generating brass, it is PDI’s preferred offering for production class in the PRS Australia competition, just pair the rifle with a Athlon Ares or Vortex PST Gen2 and you are good to go, albiet with a lot of mag changes due to the 4 round magazine. Thankfully we are looking into a higher capacity magazine system.

300 Blackout

Originally developed for use in the M4 Carbine and approved by SAAMI in January 2011, the .300 AAC (Advanced Armament Corporation) Blackout is based on the .223 case and is capable of throwing a 110 grain bullet at 2,400 ft./sec or a 245 grain bullet at 950 ft./sec. Subsonic loads for the .300 AAC Blackout usually use a bullet weight between 180 and 220 grains. A fantastic round, especially considering factory loads and brass are available from a Australian ammunition manufacturer. It is a extremely versatile round that is perfect for pest management.

For ordering or more details please contact us or call Bourney 0438893966