Tangent Theta 315M


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Tangent Theta 315M

The Tangent Theta 315M Rifle Telescope (3-15x50mm) is a precision sighting instrument initially designed for police and security marksmen, that with its intuitive features it is also a lightweight precision hunting scope with no equal.

Designed as a reduced-weight professional marksman rifle telescope, the Tangent Theta 315M incorporates precise adjustment mechanisms with zero stops and mechanical revolution and windage direction indicators that virtually eliminate adjustment errors. The optical path has been optimized for unsurpassed image quality, allowing the marksman to see minute target detail and to remain in the aim for extended periods without eye fatigue.

  1. 50mm objective lens
  2. 30mm main tube
  3. mechanical windage direction indicator
  4. eleven reticle illumination settings with rest off positions between each setting
  5. side parallax adjustment from 50m to infinity with advantage of being parallax free after 250m
  6. non-translating knobs with elevation zero-stop
  7. double-turn elevation with revolution and windage direction indicator
  8. 3-15x magnification range
  9. lockable rapid adjusting diopter

That Price though?

Put simply this is a scope that has the best turrets and the best optical performance in its class and it weighs under 800 grams, Ideal for the serious hunter. We believe it is the best mountain/backpack hunting rifle scope on the market today. For Australian Sambar hunters travelling to the high country of Victoria that like to shoot beyond 200m this scope has no equal. It is Lighter, faster, stronger and better than its competition. It gets a clear target image faster and you can dial the exact numbers you need the first time without over travel or excessive force. The turrets are in a class of their own. Optically the depth of field and field of view is breath taking and being a first focal plane, simply wind the mag back to 3x and in essence a wonderful duplex perfect for bush stalking is ready for you. Crank it to 10x+ and all the sub-tensions you need for a precision shot are there with unmatched image quality.

With 12 mils of elevation you aren’t carrying extra weight just to dial more, this is a precision hunting scope, 12 mils with most modern cartridges used for Long range hunting will get you to 1200m and beyond so in reality is more than enough. All these features combine to increase your chances and increase your chances of success. Now what does this mean in dollar terms? Well one Sambar hind can yield upwards of 60kg (stags can yield twice this amount or more) Current venison prices (for low end cuts) is $20/kg, so even neglecting the increased values of the more premium cuts, one Sambar is worth upwards of $1200. That’s 4 Deer and this scope has paid for itself, so all that is required is for this scope to capitalise on 4 extra opportunities per year vs an inferior scope and it will pay for itself.


Tangent Theta 315M
Magnification 3x-15x
Length 351mm
Width 84mm
Height 69mm
Weight 786g
Tube diameter 30mm
Objective bell diameter 57mm
Objective lens diameter 50mm nominal
Eyepiece diameter 43mm
Reticle options Gen 2, Gen 2XR, MoA
Field of View @ 3x 7.3 degrees (12.8m @ 100m)
Field of View @ 15x 1.6 degrees (2.8m @ 100m)
Diopter range -3 to +2.5
Eye relief 90mm
Exit pupil @ 3x 11.5mm
Exit pupil @ 15x 3.5mm
Total Adjustment Range
Elevation 18 mrad (60 MoA)
Windage +/- 12 mrad (+/-40 MoA)
Working Adjustment Range
Elevation 12 mrad (40 MoA)
Windage +/- 6 mrad (+/- 20 MoA)
Adjustment resolution 0.1 mrad or 1/4 MoA
Re-zero mechanism twin setscrew
Parallax adjustment range 50m to infinity
Crosshair illumination LED, 11 settings
Battery type DL2032 3v lithium
Exterior finish Type II Anodized, matte
Elevation dial adjustment
Double turn 6 mrad (20 MoA) per turn
Waterproof: 4 hours @ 10 meters
Shockproof: 700g’s @ 10,000 cycles
Standard accessories Tenebraex® lens covers & ARD



Tangent Theta is a company comprised of  optical designers, mechanical designers, engineers and international-class long range marksmen devoted to creating rifle telescopes of unsurpassed quality and accuracy.

They design, develop and produce rifle telescopes that are beyond reproach in all aspects of design, utility, and service performance. They develop these products for precision marksmen across all markets, including professional marksmen, competitive shooters and recreational hunters/shooters.

The Tangent Theta 315M is in our opinion the ultimate Long range mountain/backpack rifle scope.

About Tangent Theta by Tangent Theta:

“Tangent Theta Incorporated is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada and was established to design and build a series of rifle telescopes specifically for the requirements of Professional Marksmen.

Our company has assembled an extremely experienced rifle telescope development team consisting of optical designers, mechanical designers, engineers and international-class long range marksmen. All have either worked for or consulted to the most prestigious names in the optical sighting systems industry.

Our goal is to design, develop and produce rifle telescopes that are beyond reproach in all aspects of design, utility, and service performance.

Tangent Theta rifle telescopes are built in our own manufacturing facility in Halifax and are distributed internationally by Armament Technology Incorporated.”


High End Tactical, Part V: The Cruiserweights




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Gen 2 XR, MOA-ER, Gen 3 XR