Tangent Theta

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Tangent Theta scopes are peerless and Precision Defence Industries are proud to be Tangent Theta Australia dealers. We’ve had the pleasure of using many top tier scopes and Tangent Theta are still making the best scopes we have ever used even now in 2019.

We highly recommend the TT315M for hunters as well as lightweight precision rifles. It is the most perfect mountain rifle scope we have ever used and we have complete trust in every shot no matter how far we have dialed the turrets.

The TT315P is more geared to midweight precision rifles where a large field of view is an advantage or when a little more weight is allowable for a balanced system over the 315M. For rapidly engaging targets to 1000m the 315P is wonderfully versatile from hunting rifles to PRS matches.

Finally the king of the Tangent Theta Australia family, the TT525P. Features like a tool less re zero, modern reticles and superb field of view and depth of field. The TT525P is built for uncompromising marksman.