Delta Optical Stryker 5-50×56 Bundle


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The Delta Optical Stryker 5-50×56 has come a long way these last few years and is now a well and truly proven scope. Having won its share of matches across Australia and abroad the Delta Optical Stryker series really are giant slayers. The 2020 updates saw a slew of changes bringing the scope up to the latest demands of modern precision shooters and with Australian made porter rings, precision, reliability and consistency with your optical system is here..

What we wrote all those years ago in 2017 (copied by almost every other Australian Retailer of the Stryker scopes 😉 : Finally in Australia, the new Delta Optical Stryker 5-50×56 second focal plane scope is the high mag ultrafine target scope F Class and Long range target shooters have been waiting for. Japanese ED Glass, 100moa of available elevation, 50x magnification, 56mm objective, 1/8MOA adjustments, modern ret with sub tensions as well as an ultrafine illuminated centre dot (1/10MOA at 40x!!!), a scope that out performs most $3000+ target scopes is now available in Australia as a ready to shoot package for $2850 with precision Australian made Porter Machine Works rings and a bubble level.

We really stand by this and probably know more about these scopes than anyone else in Australia, we have been selling these since the beginning and can not wait to get a Delta Optical Stryker to you so you can join the family of shooters that are all shocked with how good these scopes are for the price.

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Like the Stryker ffp (4.5-30×56) the glass is typical high end Japanese, bright, clear and unfussy. Put it up against any other Japanese target scope, even those twice the price of this offering from Delta Optical and it not only will surprise, it will outperform.

We are incredibly impressed by these scopes and keep the MOA version in stock. We also have a demo unit and are happy to come to your local range (within SA) to show you the scope. We think this 5-50×56 scope is what a lot of target shooters have been wanting and are very proud to carry this wonderful optical instrument. We are also very impressed with locally made rings from Porter Machine works and proudly offer them as a package with the sublime Delta optical stryker 5-50×56.

Stryker HD

Delta Optical Stryker SFP Specifications:

Magnification: 5-50x.

Lens Diameter: 56mm.

Tube size: 34mm.

Field of view: 9.5-16m / 100m.

Exit pupil: 8.5-2.1mm.

Eye relief: 89-100mm.

Reticle: illuminated DLS-1 (MIL) and DLS-3 (MOA) (centre dot illuminated only)

MOA version has 1/10MOA centre dot at 40x magnification

Number of adjustments per clicks 0.1 mil. or 1/8MOA

Maximum height adjustment: 29 MIL/100MOA. with Zerostop (‘ZeroLock’)

Maximum wind shift: 15 MIL/50MOA.

Parallax: from 10m.

Length: 333mm

Weight: 1042g ..

Warranty: 10 years.


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PMW Rings

34mm Medium (26mm), 34mm XHigh (33mm)