Scope Mounted Bubble Level


Available in 25, 30 , 34, 35 and 40mm scope tube sizes.

Thickness of 8.5mm.

Allen key is included with the level.


One of the most important tools for Long range shooting is a bubble level and these scope mounted bubble levels are one of the simplest and most competitive products on the market. There are many bubble levels to choose from out there with some of the more expensive options actually being difficult to install due to screw positions or simply too large and prone to hang up in the field.

These scope mounted bubble levels are designed to keep things simple, higher viscosity so it doesn’t bounce around all over the place, simple mounting system enabling 4 positions for mounting, Either above or below the scope line and either left or right hand side mounting is possible and with opposed mounting screws for easy installation, we are confident this simple level will work on any rifle scope system which has sufficient exposed tube. It is available in 25, 30 , 34, 35 and 40mm scope tube sizes with required scope tube length of 8.5mm.

Ideally the bubble level should be placed between the Objective and Saddle of a scope and the design should allow the level to be seen past the turrets with the eye not looking through the scope without obscuring adjustments. Above the scope is  useful with a second shooter/spotter present as they can quickly check that you have your scope levelled to gravity, while below the scope can be useful for those who do not keep both eyes open when shooting and prefer a location that ‘stands out’ from the prone position.

When installing a bubble level we recommend levelling the bubble to the scope turrets. While there are advantages to getting the scope and rifle perfectly aligned to gravity through their corresponding axes, it is significantly more important that dialled measurements are along the same vector as gravity as gravity is the only force with a consistent direction of its vector. Most people have a natural cant and for hunters the natural cant may be hastily adopted over a perfectly aligned rifle bore to gravity system. It is in this case that having the bubble level levelled to the scope becomes of paramount importance as you need to know when you are dialling elevation that you are in fact dialling the correct elevation to counteract the forces of gravity. We strongly suggest using a plumb bob to accurately determine where the turret is vertical and mounting the scope mounted bubble level to correspond with this.

An allen key is included with the level.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Scope Tube Diameter

1 inch, 30mm, 34mm, 35mm, 40mm