Bolly ZCR-FC Stock wins at FTR Class competition

Bolly ZCR-FC Stock wins FTR Class competition

Bolly ZCR-FC Stock wins FTR Class competition

Liam and his Father Michael Hall have been early adopters of the Bolly ZCR-FC, and Liam’s Bolly ZCR-FC Stock wins FTR Class competition at the Trans Tasman. To get to this point The Hall lads have been using stocks bought almost 12 months ago for a range of experiments in an attempt to push the FTR envelope as far as it can go. This experimentation is made possible by the vast weight savings achieved by using Bolly ZCR-FC’s over their original painted laminate stocks, without sacrificing recoil absorption and actually gaining rigidity. Most have a misconception that a stock as light as the ZCR-FC will have poor recoil management and recoil would be excessive with the stock “bouncing” or “ringing” excessively. Thankfully Liam at 15 proved that the Bolly ZCR-FC is a pleasure to shoot,


The Hall’s have been great advocates of the Bolly ZCR-FC and have backed their new stocks by investing in some fairly extensive barrel experiments, at last report they where running a 33″ 31mm diameter parallel (fluted) and still only weighing in at 8.08kg, well under the 8.25kg FTR limit. They have also been providing some great feedback and allowing other shooters have a go with the bolly,

A message from Michael after a training session in the leadup:

Hi Mark [The Engineer here at PDI], Went out yesterday to run in a new Barrel. Not a perfect day for it. 3,5 KG Barrel for the 155.5(‘s) as there are a heap of them around and we can use them in the shorts (for) FTR. Run in easily and then we went back to 500y. Three different shooters. One was Anti Carbon Fibre now a convert !!!


[one of the targets shot on the day]

The Hall’s have also done a lot with bipod development, all made possible by their Bolly stock, here is their more extreme example, a 900mm wide footprint, that’s legal in FTR. Coupling this with the massive barrels they have been using they have created some beastly sized rifles,


When asked if there where any issues, Michael casually responded,

Thanks Mark, our only problem was that our rifles had to be weighed more than once as officials didn’t believe they made under the weight limit, but they were under by 80 grams.

They also have been winning with these ‘experimental’ FTR configurations and they regularly send us photo’s of the hauls,


A pair of Bolly ZCR-FC’s with the Haul from the Tasmanian 2016 shoot

Bolly ZCR-FC Stock wins FTR Class competition

Now, hopefully Michael doesn’t read this but it seems Liam has an edge over his father and has been putting in outstanding performances in regular competition as well as being a part of the FTR team in the Trans-Tasman where Liam won the 900y shooting a possible with a 90.11.


Coach Mark Fairbairn and Liam Hall by the Aussie score board after the 900y Match


Liam shooting his way to a trophy… again!

Sometimes it is hard to remember Liam is still only 15 as he was the top shooter in FTR at the Trans-Tasman and we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Master Hall and thank him for choosing a Bolly ZCR-FC and his father Michael, for supporting his son in FTR and also seeking us out for a FTR stock in the first instance, keep up the experimentation Hall boys, its paying dividends!