Customised Ultralight Precision Hunter Gen3


Made by Bolly Aviation Composite Stocks for Precision Shooting and Hunting

Carbon fibre, Australian made 3rd Generation composite rifle stock.

Manufactured as a blank with integrated carbon fibre bedding system and CNC machined in house.

No Bedding required, some minor adjustment to DBM inlet may be required due to vast variations in DBM’s. Action inlet is a moulded in carbon bedding block and should outperform even a custom bedding job with devcon thanks to the strength and precision of the bedding block.

Available in Left and Right handed inlets

Standard Weight is approx 750 grams for a Tikka t3 (varies by inlet) with a rail and a airtech Limbsaver – heavier fill available

Gen 3 UPH’s inletted for the Lithgow LA102 are available now


Pay a 50% deposit per item


Bolly Ultralight Precision Hunter (UPH) Carbon Fibre Composite Rifle Stock

This is the order page for the third Generation (gen3) ultralight precision hunter stocks which are a molded in inlet and integrated Carbon fibre pillars, so a true drop in fit for the action! Most inlets not listed on the 3rd generation product page can be machined into a gen2 UPH.

Customised stocks ordered here have a lead time of a minimum of 6 weeks. If you are looking for a UPH stock in stock and ready to ship, select your action below:



Contact us for latest lead times.

Rimfire Inlets are restricted to the gen2 stocks

The Bolly Composites Stocks carbon fibre Ultralight Precision Hunter Rifle Stock is a stock born from an absolute classic, the Sako AII Varmint stock, but with modern features inspired by our involvement with PRS competition in Australia. Designed to be capable in any situation but it is specialised towards long range shooting and precision varminting/hunting.

Like all Bolly Composite Stocks, the UPH stocks are produced on the same production line and to the same standard as Bolly Aviation Carbon fibre propellers for industry leading strength to weight performance.

Bolly UPH Gen 3’s are also available for export with direct to door shipping via UPS; please add 2 weeks to lead times.

Standard UPH Gen3 Features

  • 2 flush cups are standard, 1 one the left hand side of the buttstock and 1 on the left hand side of the forend in line with the accessory rail (inverse for LH inlets)
  • 1 BT15 Rail or BT34 rail on the forend (includes in built Flush Cup for further sling options in BT16) or 2x standard studs
  • Classic Limbsaver (Same Profile as Tikka/Sako Recoil Pads) or Airtech Limbsaver
  • Full Coat Ruff Tuff
  • Standard Weight is approx 750 grams with airtech recoil pad, 2x flush cups and a BT34 Rail inletted for a tikka T3/T3x
  • Standard LOP With recoil Pad 14″
  • Carbon Fibre integrated bedding
  • Carbon Fibre Pillars

Inlets Available

  • Schultz and Larsen Tactical/Classic/Victory
  • Tikka T3/T3x  shipping now
  • Lithgow LA102 shipping now
  • Remington/Remington clones (ETA August 2020)
  • We can inlet the stock for Left Handed Actions
  • If you would like an inlet not listed, please see the gen2 UPH or contact us

Bolly Composites Stocks Ultralight Precision Hunter Stock Material Advantages:

  • Superior rifle performance over factory plastic stock while reducing weight and felt recoil
  • Stocks are filled, not hollow. Advanced core materials manage both torque and recoil to improve rifle performance and reduce loads on the shooter.
    • High-Density Composite structure in action area transfers torque to skins and impulse loads to Buttstock and Forend
    • Low-Density Honeycomb in the Forend and Buttstock absorb recoil
    • Carbon Skin mitigates torque
    • Moulded in Inlet acts as a Carbon Fibre Bedding block
    • Integrated Carbon pillars are machined to be true to DBM mitigating a possible source of stress on the action
  • Carbon Fibre dramatically reduces weight while increasing stock rigidity, critical for precision
  • Composite materials are inert, waterproof and weatherproof
  • Full Ruff-Tuff Coat is grippy yet comfortably to the cheek and hard wearing

Bolly Composites Stocks Ultralight Precision Hunter Stock Design Advantages:

  • The Varmint style forend is at home off a bench, a bipod or just thrown over a backpack.
  • The optimised forend length makes it handier for setting up on barricades or shooting from a vehicle, without sacrificing balance and long range performance off a bipod.
  • The Extended near vertical grip has minimal ambidextrous palm swell for awkward positional shooting as well as comfortable long range shooting from prone.
  • The raised cheek piece is designed to be low enough for CZ455 .22LR Trainer builds while being suitable for larger objective lens scopes.
  • The buttstock has a hunter profile drop for precise adjustments off a rear bag as well as being profiled for a standard precision fit recoil pad opening up a number of options for recoil pads and length of pull adjustments.
  • Thumb hook allows for complete control of the rifle when using a rear bag or just shooting off a clenched fist.
  • Moulded-In barrel channel for increased rigidity

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Additional information

Weight 1000 g
Dimensions 1000 × 200 × 300 mm

Tikka T3/T3x, Schultz and Larsen Tactical, Lithgow LA102

Bottom Metal Inlet:

Factory, Short Action AI, Long Action AI, CTR


Left, Right

Limbsaver Recoil Pad

Airtech, Classic

Accessory Rail

2x Standard Sling Studs, BT15 3.35" 1913 Rail, BT34 2.05" rail