Barnard P Carbon Stock – BOLLYCCSG3


Photos available soon – external profile is the same as Gen2 and that’s about the end of the similarities(hence image is of the Gen2 – the Barnard P Carbon Stock Gen3 is so new we haven’t even taken photos of it yet!), available for order now, expect delivery of second batch by the end of October, finished weight ex trigger guard/escutcheon and action screws is 1050 grams and is ready to go thanks to its carbon bedding, fitting the action is done at home, minor fitting of the action screws and the trigger guard for Barnard triggers are however required


Barnard P Carbon Stock

– Bolly Carbon Competition Stock Gen3

The Barnard P Carbon Stock from Bolly Aviation Composite stocks Gen3 is an Australian made carbon fibre riflestock that is designed to be the lightest and stiffest stock in its class. The stock is carbon bedded for the Barnard P with dual port cutouts (regardless of LH or RH bolt cutout) so no more waiting for a gunsmith to bed your rifle! The Barnard P Carbon Stock features a gloss carbon finish and comes with a Limbsaver Recoil Pad, 100mm Anshutz Rail and while stocks last, 2x action screws, Trigger Guard (for factory Barnard Trigger) and front escutcheon (front pillar) . The Barnard P Carbon Stock is engineered for drastically improved strength and stiffness while reducing weight vs the Gen2 competition stocks.

The Barnard P Carbon Stock includes;

Bolly Carbon Competition Stock Gen3 Barnard Moulded in inlet

Trigger guard and Front Escutcheon Inlet

Limbsaver Grind to Fit Recoil Pad

Anschutz Rail  Bedded and glued into the stock

Finished to a high lustre and low friction gloss

Trigger Guard and front escutcheon Supplied with 2 action screws

The Barnard P Carbon Stocks are carbon bedded and are therefore designed to be carefully fitted to your Barnard P/PC action as is, with only slight removal of material, achieved simply through slow fitting of the action to the stock. Removing the carbon bedding/adding a skim bed with epoxy without written permission from PDI will void your warranty, contact us if you have any doubts about fitting your barrelled action to a Gen3 stock. Note; Action Screws will require the heads to be turned down slightly and shortened to correct length. Minor fitting especially with Barnard factory triggers may be required. Recoil Lug arrangement is provided as an interference fit, with shaving of material performed with installation of the action. Slow repetitive fitting is required, checking for material being shaved from the stock by the action and removed. When the stock is new, go slow, make sure both the stock is at the same or a warmer temperature than your action during fitment and be sure to carefully remove any material that gets shaved by the action during the slow repetitive fitment process, it is a tight, carbon bedded fit which provides dramatic strength improvements and weight savings over traditional V block and steel epoxy bedded setups.

Material Advantages:

  • Carbon fibre bedding is integral to moulded in barrel channel and carbon structure of the stock
  • New re engineering carbon layering system, dramatically improving stiffness over Gen2 stocks
  • Stocks are filled, not hollow. Advanced core materials manage both torque and recoil to improve rifle performance and reduce loads on the shooter.
    • High-Density Composite structure in action area transfers torque to skins and impulse loads to Buttstock and Forend
    • Low-Density Honeycomb in the Forend and Buttstock absorb recoil
    • Carbon Skin mitigates torque
  • Carbon Fibre allows for reduced weight with increased stock rigidity, critical for precision
  • Composite materials are inert, waterproof and weatherproof

Design Advantages:

  • Ambidextrous palm swell is ergonomic for both Right and Left-hand shooters
  • Generous action area will accept other actions readily, including Remington clones.
  • Raised Non-Adjustable comb reduces weight while being high enough for comfortable use with 56mm objective scopes
  • 2.99″ wide forend allows for straight tracking off bags for F Standard
  • Anschutz rail allows for a plethora of bipod mounting options
  • Limbsaver Recoil pad provides industry leading recoil absorption
  • Flat forend is parallel to flat bottom of buttstock
  • Buttstock is flat from the recoil pad to the bottom of the grip for straight tracking


  • Approx. 1050 Grams inletted with recoil pad and Anshutz rail
  • Standard LOP to front of grip with recoil Pad 13.5″
    • Longer is available through the use of spacers
    • Shorter is achieved by simply grinding the buttstock to a shorter length
  • 2.99″ Wide Forend
  • 35mm Moulded in Barrel Channel
  • Height of Comb 122mm
  • Buttstock is 20mm wide at base
  • Forend tip is 22″/ 56mm from front of grip
  • Stock Excluding Recoil Pad is 32.75″ / 830mm Long
  • Standard Large Grind to Fit Limbsaver adds 1″/25.4mm to Length

Additional information

Weight 1150 g
Dimensions 200 × 200 × 1100 mm
Bolt Cutout