Tenebraex Flip Covers



Precision Defence industries are excited to announce we are now Australian Dealers of armament technology incorporated which includes Tenebraex flip covers.  Simply put; Tenebraex flip covers are the best on the market at protecting your expensive glass!!

A quick google on these covers and you’ll get inundated with reviews and information, Precision rifle blog posted a copy of an excerpt from the Art of the precision rifle DVD which sums up the Tenebraex covers really well:

These industry leading Tactical Tough flip covers are the ultimate accessory for protecting your expensive glass. Initially we are carrying covers for the IOR and Delta Optical scopes we carry but will happily add any Tenebraex Flip Cover (or any Tenebraex or Tangent Theta product) to the next order if you know the part you require.

Tenebraex Flip Covers features:

  • Protect your lenses from dust, dirt, grime and grit.
  • Huge inventory to fit virtually any make and model of scope or optic. – Use the part finder tool or email us at info@precisiondefenceindustries.com for assistance
  • A rugged locking tab means covers stay in position, either open or closed. No flopping around or distracting movement.
  • Full range of options for both the objective and ocular end of your scope or optic.
  • A full 360° of rotation means users can pick their preferred placement.
  • Built for the US Military and used by millions, these MIL-SPEC covers represent years of proven performance in the toughest environments.

Please note that most sunshades are not compatible with objective lens covers. Instead of using the factory sunshade it is reccomended to purchase the Tenebraex ARD as this acts as a sunshade as well as anti reflective device enabling you to shoot comfortably in full sun as well as not spook game with lens reflection flashes. If you wish to use a factory sunshade, simply thread off the Tenebraex adaptor ring (standard with objective lens covers ordered from PDI) and thread on the Sunshade.


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