Kestrel Collapsible Tripod with Clamp


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Kestrel Collapsible Tripod with Clamp

Compatible with the Portable Vane Mount and any Kestrel Meter, the Kestrel Collapsible Tripod makes for easy, hands-free measuring out in the field. Extend the tripod to 51″ and collapse it to 14″. Easily carry the Collapsible Tripod thanks to its lightweight 1.7 lbs. Using the Collapsible Tripod, Vane Mount, and USB Interface together transforms your Kestrel Meter into a portable weather or tactical station.


  • Stands 51.4 inches high when fully extended
  • Measures 13.6 inches when collapsed
  • Five section twist-and-pull legs
  • Weighs under 2 lbs
  • Compatible with the Kestrel Portable Vane Mount
  • Place of Origin: China


  • Clamp that mounts a Kestrel Meter
  • Carry case for the Tripod

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Weight 1010.0 g