Novagrade Tablet Adaptor


The highest quality universal digiscoping adapter for tablets on the market.

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Novagrade Tablet Adaptor

PDI are excited to announce we have been appointed as dealers for Novagrade digiscoping products and the Novagrade Tablet Adaptors are currently in stock. These are perfect for capturing your long range shooting session as well as long range recording and photo’s with any of the compatible tablets. For those looking for the highest quality universal digiscoping adapter on the market, look no further.

  • Accepts most tablets, in or out of a case.
  • Fits on any round eyepiece.
  • Can be readjusted for a different tablet in 5 seconds.
  • Ideal for guides and professionals looking for lifetime construction.

The Novagrade universal Tablet Adapter fits most tablets from 7″ to 13″ in size. The solid anodized aluminum construction means years of reliable service. With just one fingertip clamp the adapter can be rapidly adjusted to fit different tablets in field.

View the Tablet Compatibility Table to see if the digiscoping adapter has been tested with your tablet.

Used with a CONX Rangefinder:


Used With A Bushnell LMSS:

Phone Adapter Setup (it’s the same process with a tablet):

Installing Compression Rings


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Weight 370.00 g