Gloss (Raw Seams) Carbon Fibre Competition Riflestock ZCR-FC (BLANK)


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Worlds Lightest FTR Stocks

These Stocks are designed for FTR Competition. Straight tracking, parallel buttstock base and forend, Ambidextrous Palm Swell, 2.99″ wide forend,¬†Designed for the Barnard P and V Block.¬†Stocks are produced on same production line, to the same standard as Bolly Aviation Carbon fibre propellers.

Blank Bolly Aviation Composite Stocks F Class Rifle Stocks are available to gunsmiths and for Export. Export costs are a flat rate for up to 10 stocks and will need to be purchased along with the desired Blanks. Inletted stocks are not available for export, However we can fit recoil pads and Anschutz Rails. CNC Inletting programs are available for purchase, please contact us to negotiate terms of use and what post processor your CNC mill prefers.

Gunsmithing Blanks are approx 900 grams. Inletted for the Barnard Action and V Block, Weight will be approx 750-800grams

Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 1000 × 200 × 200 mm
Recoil Pad

Supply, Supply and Fitted, None

Anschutz Rail

None, Supply and Moulded In