Bolly Tikka T3/T3x Touch


Ergonomic stock designed to be used off a rucksack or using a bipod. Produced to the same standard as Bolly Aviation Carbon fibre propellers.

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Bolly Tikka T3/T3x Touch

Backorder Lead Times for the Bolly Tikka T3/T3x Touch are currently 6-8 weeks (29/07/2016)

The Bolly Tikka T3/T3x Touch is an ergonomic stock designed to be used off a rucksack or using a bipod. Stocks are produced to the same standard as Bolly Aviation Carbon fibre propellers.

Textured Black Ruff-Tuff coating is as standard over entire stock. Painted or partially ruff-tuffed stocks are available on special order.

For flush cups (upto 2) please select custom accessory attachment points and specify the desired location at checkout. Also extra sling studs can be added using this option, please specify all sling stud locations or a standard 1 front, 1 rear will be installed along with any others specified.

Inlets available: Tikka T3/T3x and CZ 455 and 452, Rimfire inlets are available on special order

To add an Atlasworx DBM or customise you stock please click here:

Weight of a typical textured and inletted Touch rifle stock, including 2 sling studs and an airtech recoil pad is 750grams. Weight can vary depending on options selected.

Two separate honeycomb cores are used, a high density core in the action area supports the action and transfers load to the shell and the low density honeycomb found in the forend and buttstock is designed to absorb recoil.

Large ambidextrous palm swell and 65mm wide curved forend provide exceptional stability despite low weight.

Typical use: Precision medium to long range shooting where weight is a concern

All stocks come with a 30 day no questions ask refund guarantee. Stocks are shipped with tracking and if within 30 days of their delivery date you decide it is not the stock you where after then you may post the stock back via tracked shipping within 30 days for a full refund of the stock (excludes all shipping costs).

Discount packages are available when purchased with bipods, rangefinders, etc. Contact us for details.

Inletting is performed via CNC and new inlets are available on request.


Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 1000 × 200 × 200 mm
Recoil Pad

Limbsaver Classic, Limbsaver Airtech

Accessory attachment points

None, Standard Sling Stud Arrangement, Custom

Accessory Rail (Forend)

None, BT34, BT15