Bolly composites stocks ZCR-FC – New Inlet


Barnard P Carbon Fibre Competition Riflestock. World’s Lightest FTR Stock with Advanced core materials.

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Bolly composites stocks ZCR-FC – New Inlet

Worlds Lightest FTR Stock

Be aware there is a 4 month lead time for a new inlet to be added

For a Barnard inletted stock please click here

This product is for adding a new inlet to the lineup. We do not charge extra for this, but require a deposit and advise waiting times are generally 4 months.

The Bolly composites stocks ZCR-FC is shaped based on a popular Laminate stock produced By ZCR for F Class. Engineered to be the lightest and most technologically advanced FTR stocks available. Stocks are produced on same production line, to the same standard as Bolly Aviation Carbon fibre propellers.

The ZCR-FC  is a gloss gel coat carbon stock and comes with A Limbsaver Recoil Pad, Anshutz Rail and PDI Aluminium Fitting Kit.

It is strongly advised that stocks are bedded with Devcon and Ziersch Custom Rifles is recommended

Material Advantages:

  • Stocks are filled, not hollow. Advanced core materials manage both torque and recoil to improve rifle performance and reduce loads on the shooter.
    • High-Density Composite structure in action area transfers torque to skins and impulse loads to Buttstock and Forend
    • Low-Density Honeycomb in the Forend and Buttstock absorb recoil
    • Carbon Skin mitigates torque
  • Carbon Fibre dramatically reduces weight while increasing stock rigidity, critical for precision
  • Composite materials are inert, waterproof and weatherproof
  • Clear Gel coat improves tracking and reduces friction on bags

Design Advantages:

  • Ambidextrous palm swell is ergonomic for both Right and Left-hand shooters
  • Generous action area will accept other actions readily, including Remington clones.
  • Raised Non-Adjustable comb reduces weight while being high enough for comfortable use with 56mm objective scopes
  • 2.99″ wide forend allows for straight tracking off bags for F Standard
  • Anschutz rail allows for a plethora of bipod mounting options
  • Limbsaver Recoil pad provides industry leading recoil absorption
  • Flat forend is parallel to flat bottom of buttstock
  • Buttstock is flat from the recoil pad to the bottom of the grip for straight tracking
  • Moulded-In barrel channel for increased rigidity


  • Approx 900 Grams inletted with recoil pad and Anshutz rail
    • Heavier Version is available, achieved by adding ground fibreglass to action area (for maintaining machining and recoil/torque management properties)
  • Standard LOP With recoil Pad 13.5″
    • Longer is available through the use of spacers
    • Shorter is achieved by simply grinding the buttstock to a shorter length
  • 2.99″ Wide Forend
  • 35mm Moulded in Barrel Channel
  • Height of Comb 122mm
  • Buttstock is 20mm wide at base
  • Forend tip is 22″/ 56mm from front of grip
  • Stock Excluding Recoil Pad is 32.75″ / 830mm Long
  • Standard Large Grind to Fit Limbsaver adds 1″/25.4mm to Length

PDI Fitting Kit:

  • Trigger Guard
  • Front Plug


Additional information

Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 1000 × 200 × 200 mm

Right, Left

Fill Type

Standard, +500Grams