12-52×56 IOR Terminator SHX with 45MOA ARC

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Bubble level and sunshade are included along with the 45MOA ARC Unimount

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The IOR Terminator second focal plane, 40mm tube, high magnification scope. The IOR Terminator is the preferred scope for ELR by current (June 2017) 50 calibre world title holder Mike Roberts ( Here at PDI we are active 2000m shooters and use the IOR Recon for hunting/ELR/LRHunting/practical etc however, for dedicated steel and target work at 1000m to 1600m and beyond the high mag second focal plane IOR Terminator minimises the amount of the target that is obscured and is recommended if the scope is dedicated for the steel and target/paper punching role.

This is one hell of a second focal plane scope with its massive adjustment range (100moa), high magnification, perfect tracking, second zero indicator and proven 50 cal pedigree. It is also done right for a second focal plane optic, the IOR Terminator has indents on the magnification objective dial at various magnifications to indicate where the ret lines up with 1moa (26x), 1/2 moa (52x) and 0.5mrad (14.4x) so you can quickly and easily use the scope for shot correction calls.

The IOR Terminator is tier one optically with its German Schott glass and is a high resolution and high contrast scope, this means users can actually utilise the high magnification available. This scope is highly recommended for ELR and target shooters where weight is not a concern. (bubble level is included free with this scope along with a sunshade)

Finally the IOR terminator has the same ultra reliable and rugged turret system as the flawless IOR Recon and Crusader so can be trusted in even the harshest of environments.


MAGNIFICATION                                                            12x-52x

OBJECTIVE SIZE                                                              56mm

FIELD OF VIEW (1000 YDS.)                                            345 feet to 30 feet

EXIT PUPIL                                                                      4.6-1.07

EYE RELIEF                                                                      3.75 INCH

DIOPTRICAL ADJUSTMENT                                            -4 TO +4 DPT.

RETICLE-TOTAL ADJUSTMENT RANGE                          100 MOA @ 100

CLICK VALUE                                                                  1/4 MOA @100

TUBE DIAMETER                                                             40 MM

LENGTH                                                                          16 INCH

WEIGHT                                                                          48 oz / 1361grams

Included in this package is the ARC 45MOA Unimount which is Ideal for 0MOA Pic rails as it maximises usable travel:

The M10 QD-L features two innovative spring-loaded, pivoting rail clamps. Due to the high placement of the pivot and the design’s inherently low friction, the pivoting clamps impart the majority of the clamping force upon the rail, not the ring. The resulting efficiency enables tighter clamping than that offered by conventional levers. Moreover, the pivoting rail clamps won’t get stuck like levers do and don’t need to be adjusted for variations in rail size. They offer real QD functionality enabling the shooter to remove and reattach a scope in seconds. The thumb screws are made from 410 stainless steel and are captivated by an O-ring so you won’t lose them. Their knurled and comparatively inconspicuous design offers a secure grip while making them less prone than levers to snagging equipment or brush.

The M10 QD-L features a crowned-rail interface which precisely and correctly engaged rails, even those which fail to meet Mil and STANAG specification. The result is excellent return-to-zero performance.

The M10 QD-L holds firmly without marring or indenting the scope.

The uniquely split rings of the M10 QD-L maintain reticle alignment during scope installation while their low profile leaves the shooter with a clear view of the turrets.
Extremely strong and light-weight the M10 QD-L is CNC machined from 7075 aluminum alloy and anodized with a mil-spec hard coat for excellent corrosion resistance and a matte-black finish.
Stainless steel hardware is used throughout.

Torque spec: 5.6 N-m (50 in-lbs) on scope clamp screws. Maximum finger tight on rail clamp thumb screws.

Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 6 x 3.5 x 2.3 in



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Weight 2000 g
Dimensions 600 × 150 × 150 mm