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The 7mm SAW Chronicles

Chapter II: Captain Feathersword Here at PDI our love affair with Clayton Smith’s (#WestTexasOrdnance) extremely [...]

Mountain hunting NZ January 2020

Mountain hunting in the southern alps of New Zealand is simply a bucket list location [...]

Tier One Bipod Review

The Tier One bipod out of the UK is a relatively new bipod that has [...]

7mm SAW Trollhammer

The start of the ‘Hammer’ Series rifles The idea for this particular rifle was born [...]

Backpack Hunting Gear List 2019

With our last post recapping our backpack hunting adventure in the Victorian Alpine National Park [...]

September 2019 Sambar Hunt Recap

Due to a resurgence in queries regarding our Mountain Rifle Builds we thought it would [...]

284 Shehane Mountain Rifle

My 284 Shehane is my favourite rifle, built as a mountain rifle for hunting further [...]

Tikka T1X review

Few recent rifle releases in Australia have been as long and eagerly anticipated as the [...]

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